The ReGeneration experience of the Greek Millennials
Client: The Coca-Cola Company // Project: Multimedia web story

The brief: "Create & deliver a multimedia story for the web and aim to cause positive emotions to young people.”

The solution: This challenge was a Corporate Reputation building initiative, so we needed to be cautious on the prominence of overall branding. It had to be discrete and not imposing as the heroes of our stories were the young ex-interns sharing their stories and we were simply the enablers of their experiences. Our objective was to ensure both awareness raising and virality. Our target audience was 20 to 35 year-old millennials. Due to low attention span and overload of information they receive, the story had to be highly impactful and eye-catching.  We aimed to cause positive emotions and impressions to young people (aged 20-35) so that they not only read the story, but share it in their own networks. This would highlight the role of the brand, which comes to support the youth, give them hope, skills and, why not, a job. The long-form story included text, videos, photo portraits of the interns (as well as personal photos related to our story), infographics, sound clips of interviews and shareable parts for social media. In addition, we created short videos and photographic material for use in social media posts. 

Agency: My Spectrum 
Sergio Kotsovoulos 
Konstantinos Antonopoulos 
Post production: 
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